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Piraten Partei be plunderin Berlin

The pirate party (originating in Sweden and supported by the Pirate Bay to some degree) have managed to take 8.9 percent of the vote in the Berlin state elections, reports Speigel Online.

In fact thier success almost caused them problems

Not only will the Pirate Party enter a regional government for the first time, but its results far outpaced the five percent hurdle needed for parliamentary representation. The success was so unexpected that the party only put 15 candidates on its list of nominations. Had their support been just a little higher, some of their seats would have remained empty as post-election nomination of candidates isn't allowed.

Their main goal is to "make public all data, all administrative procedures" of government.

According to The LocalFreie Presse considers this victory could lead to bigger things

"The election success in Berlin will give the Pirates a powerful tailwind," commented the Freie Presse daily.

"If the political rising stars manage to sail nicely with the wind and get competent people at the wheel, then (Sunday's) victory may be more than just a warning shot," the paper added.

Oh... it also be talk like a pirate day. Arrr... I be a bilge rat what ortin' t' be keel hauled! I coulda be havin' posted this entire post talkin' like a seafarin' hearty, but the thought dun dropped to the bottom of Davy Jones' locker. Eh, be away with ya now 'for I do somethin' 'orrible wid yer gizzards...

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