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Mounting the Drobo NAS in my mythbuntu system

This one was a bit of a struggle and I'm yet to figure out how to mount the Drobo without relying on the IP rather than using it's name.

So started out having to install the smbclient

sudo install apt-get install smbclient

Not really sure that I needed a guide, but used this one (because I'm slack and I forget how to add to the fstab).

try to mount using

sudo mount -t cifs -o username=,password= //drobo-fs/sharename /mnt/drobo

but got an error indicating that "wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock".

So to get rid of the "mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock" issue, performed (as from here)

sudo apt-get install nfs-common

But I allready had it... erm... so after a little bit more searching found some more information (from here).

On that basis:

sudo apt-get install smbfs

Aha! That should fix... oh drat. Now it can't find drobo-fs

could not resolve address for drobo-fs: Name or service not known

Doh. So at this point I'm going to give up and just assign my drobo a fixed IP (which let's be honest should have done in the first place). But if anyone can suggest a way around doing this would be glad to hear it....

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